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January 23, 2014 - Sydney, Australia - National Breast Cancer Foundation - Justine Roberts - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Meleck and Ombeni

Thank you for making our 3 week safari across Tanzania an amazing experience for our families. Travelling East – West across Tanzania with 5 kids from age 16 to 9 seemed a little daunting when we set off from Australia, but we had an incredible experience. One that we will remember for ever.

Your willingness to share your culture and land with us was very generous; we all learnt a great deal about the different landscapes, customs, tribes and animals. Your ingenuity in fixing little problems along the way and your determination to make every day special for us was exceptional. You were both wonderfully patient with the kids and made sure they had a great time.

Despite not having travelled widely with the kids, whenever we had to stop to change money, you were always very aware of our safety and we always felt very safe. You negotiated on our behalf with the locals along the way to ensure we didn’t get ripped off. You were completely trustworthy.

Your respect for your beautiful country was lovely to see. Rather than drive too close to the game and disturb them, your gentle maneuvering of the vehicles meant that we could see the animals behave normally in their natural habitat. You were excellent at spotting animals and went out of your way to ensure that we saw all the species. It was great that you also encouraged the kids to spot the animals and that you were so knowledgeable that you could educate them along the way and answer all their questions.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience – we couldn’t recommend Parakuyo highly enough and if anyone wants to contact us directly to find out what it’s like on safari with kids, we are happy for you to let them get in touch with us.

Best wishes,

The Roberts Family,


October 4, 2007 – Washington, DC – National Geographic Society – USA

My name is Andy B. Casagrande IV – Field Producer and Cameraman for National Geographic Television and Film. I am writing this letter in order to highly recommend and provide the highest praise to Meleck John – professional game guide and film driver. I recently had the great honor of working with Meleck in the Serengeti National Park, while shooting and producing a lion documentary – "Super Pride" for National Geographic Television. The field assignment was more than 3 months and our crew spent both day and night, through the wet and dry seasons – chasing the elusive lions and their even more elusive prey! What an amazing film shoot we had and our "kill statistics" were simply un-believable! We successfully filmed the following 20 kills:
10 lion kills on wildebeest
1 lion kill on baby giraffe
1 lion kill on buffalo
1 lion kill on zebra
1 hyena kill on wildebeest
2 crocodile kills on wildebeest
3 cheetah kills on gazelle
1 predatory bird kill on chameleon

Surely the above statistics speak for themselves, however I would like to speak on behalf of Meleck in that he played a major roll in the overall success of this film! He was a relentless and extremely skilled 4x4 driver and impeccable, astute and dedicated film guide! His strong understanding of film production and animal behavior were extremely valuable assets to this National Geographic Television production and I highly recommend him for any additional film work in Africa and the rest of the world.

Lastly, Meleck John is simply a great guy! Very kind and amiable and very easy going! He works hard and never complains and he is never late! Working with him was a true pleasure and I look forward to our next adventure together! Thank you very much for your time and attention and have a great day!

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV

National Geographic TV & Film

1145 17th Street N. W.

Office: (202)857-7389

Mobile: (202)415-4472

Fax: (202)775-6590

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gary J

“Meleck John is extremely well versed in his profession as a safari guide. He takes the time to explain any questions anyone has regarding animals and their habits. He made the adventure a truly wonderful experience of a lifetime Anyone considering a Tanzanian safari should get in touch with Meleck John for an absolutely breathtaking journey. Thank you Meleck John! All the very best to you!”

Niko De Rore

“If you ever intend to visit Tanzania and enjoy it's natural wonders, looking for a personalized approach & local touch then don't hesitate. I can recommend Meleck as a very amiable person, always trying to maximize your safari experience. He has an extended knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Although perfectly safe, you will meet all kinds of animals from a front row seat, without annoying them in their natural habitat. Be prepared for the unexpected, a unique journey is waiting. Niko [Belgium]”